Aurore travel by train when she starts to daydream … Escaping through the window, she enters her inner world in which she can resize elements. Aurore is a peaceful ballad throughout a young mind.
The game has received the « Excellence in Art » award in the « Rookie division » of the Busan Indie Connect Festival.

As an UX Designer on Aurore, I mostly did User Research because I was Game & UX Designer on Achromatic at this period, which was already a consequent charge of work. I wasn’t in the team at first because we had a constraint regarding the size of the team, it was something imposed by the school. I was a volunteer on the project. I did very appreciate to work with the Aurore team because all the member paid a lot of attention to what I had to say. From the time we had a prototype to the end of the development, I did user tests every week. I usually did the user tests by the end of the week and I worked in a way they could have the full report on Monday, so they could adjust their production regarding what had been said in the report. I maintained this process for the last 4 weeks of production, knowing that we developed the game in 2 months and 2 weeks.


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