As you open your eyes, your soul start to pulse in rhythm with your world.
You are going to start a singular journey…

In Detail

Synchronicles is my last year student project at ENJMIN. I did word mining, user tests and ux design during the production. In the first steps I’ve realized benchmarks on signs and feedback because the game is a mix between rhythm game and metroid game which is a kind of unexpected mix. I had to do a good scanning on what had been done in the industry previously in order to be ready to provide to my team the best solutions.

I asked to plan user tests as soon as we could and doing them on weekly basis so we could see what was working or not. We had troubles to find a good control scheme and had to do back and forth in order to get the best solution. However I’m still not convinced by the current one. Unfortunately the border with game design was too close for me to have an impact on it. The best solution is to give players the possibility to rebind everything but due to production allowed time, we had to impose a control scheme.

Concerning the UX Design part, I did a wire frame on Figma in order to blueprint the menu navigation that finally was not produced due to task priorisation. I produced documents regarding signs and feedback and it was a challenging part knowing that if players did not get proper signs and feedback, they would not be able to move forward in the game. I was also there to support the team in the little choice about color, forms, sounds, metronome design and so on.

I had a lot of talks with my team 1 on 1 in order to clarify things that had been returned by players during tests and confront the current design to the problem we met so we could keep a good red wire.

I really liked to be part of this team and project, it ended my studies in the best way possible and in that, I’m very thankful to my team.

Design Documents


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