Aös | Board Game


My biggest life’s achievement.

The Game

Type : Board game – Narrative Adventure in coopetition – Alliance & Betrayal System

Universe : Cyberpunk fantasy ruled by the absurd

Number of players : 4 to 10

Time of a game : 120 min

In detail

Lies, alliances, betrayals :

Welcome to Aös, the vice’s Capital!

Gameplay Summary

The game gather randomly players by pairs (a specific rule is applied to non-paired players)

• They must choose to trust, or not, their partner to gain points (Alliance / Betrayal).

• Whenever a player reach a specific amount of points, it triggers an event which describe a situation leading to a dilemma.

• These dilemmas are very diverse and also impact all the other players most of the time. They will put a strain on your friendships.

• Whenever a player gather enough points, he wins the round.

• In order to win the game, the player has to win 3 rounds.

Rules (French)

You can find some pictures of the game and its elements.

Currently, selling the stocks at https://www.lachuteoulascension.fr/

You can follow the evolution of the game on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook : (@AosUnivers)





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