TSQ: Project in dilettante


With my friend Sébastien Violier, we are working in our spare time on a game that we temporarily called “TSQ”.

Early prototyping

TSQ has 3 core pillars:
· It’s a Boss fight game (Similar to Fury in its approach)
· It’s a tactical game played on a chessboard. (Eg: Disgaea, Dofus, Wakfu, Alchemy Stars)
· It’s a rogue lite (Similar to Slay the spire in its approach)

Regarding the 3C:
· Camera and Controller would be similar to Alchemy stars
· Character is unique and belong to our game.

· At the start of a run, the players can choose between a different type of character class, leading to specific gameplay.
· The players can choose a Boss to defeat between a proposition of 3 bosses.
· All bosses have their own patterns, strengths & weaknesses.
· They can pre-visualize the rewards they would get if they defeat successfully the boss in question.
· A boss defeated will never appear again in the proposition of 3 until the end of the run.
· Once every 3 bosses defeated, All the bosses level up of one “stage”: they are given stronger patterns & characteristics.
· There are 10 Bosses and therefore each of them have 4 different “stages”.
· The rewards are either level up of their class abilities OR runes that are acting like modifiers, adding characters or abilities characteristics.

User Experience:
· The players will constantly have choice to do:
· What class do they want to play with? (Ranged, Melee, Aggressive, Defensive, etc.)
· Which Boss do they want to defeat first?
· Which rewards do they want to accomplish their build order?
· On which of their spell are there putting their rewards? (Runes or Level up)

Working on a tooltip that automatically generate level up & Runes texts

As we are both already working, the project takes its time, but we are really glad to work on it 🙂