Aurore travel by train when she starts to daydream … Escaping through the window, she enters her inner world in which she can resize elements. Aurore is a peaceful ballad throughout a young mind.
The game has received the “Excellence in Art” award in the “Rookie division” of the Busan Indie Connect Festival.

In Detail

As an UX Designer on Aurore, I mostly did User Research because of the fact that I was Game & UX Designer on Achromatic at this period which was already a consequent load of work. I wasn’t in the team at first because we had a constraint regarding the size of the team, it was something imposed by the school. I was a volunteer on the project. I did very appreciate to work with the Aurore team because all of the member paid a lot of attention to what I had to say. From the time we had a prototype to the end of the development I did user tests every week. I usually did the user tests by the end of the week and I worked in a way they could have the full report on Monday so they could adjust their production regarding what had been said in the report. I maintained this process for the last 4 weeks of production, knowing that we developed the game in 2 months and 2 weeks.

It was very rewarding to discover the feedback of players when Aurore was showed in public spaces because the feedback the developers had from most of the players at time was feedback that I correctly transmitted to them previously. Some of the feedback was taken in consideration from the team, other didn’t but in any cases, my team was fully aware of the problems or negative feedback they could receive from players. It made me feel that I did a good job. Beside of that, I talked a lot with the team in itself throughout the whole development because it wanted to include me a lot (which once again I appreciated) to solve some “micro” problems. It was fun to see that a lot of my advice was validated during user tests. For exemple I told to one of my game designer that the second camera, which is optional and aiming to bring some poetic scenes, won’t be used because the axes of the character and the camera were desynchronized and therefore not user friendly. If the players had the choice of the camera, the most user friendly camera would be the most used. It is still what happens when the players run the game, they use it to pass the tutorial because they need it and afterward not anymore.

At the end of the project, my team asked me to say more often when things go well because I was the “bad-news-guy” and sometime they felt just like nothing worked well while it wasn’t the case. I personally think that it is due to the fact that I was shared on two projects and it was hard for me to do more on this side but I have taken this feedback in consideration for the next projects I will work on.