Aös | Board Game


My biggest life’s achievement.

The Game

Type : Board game – Narrative Adventure in coopetition – Alliance & Betrayal System

Universe : Cyberpunk fantasy ruled by the absurd

Number of players : 4 to 10

Time of a game : 120 min

In detail

Lies, alliances, betrayals :

Welcome to Aös, the vice’s Capital!

Gameplay Summary

The game gather randomly players by pairs (a specific rule is applied to non-paired players)

• They must choose to trust, or not, their partner to gain points (Alliance / Betrayal).

• Whenever a player reach a specific amount of points, it triggers an event which describe a situation leading to a dilemma.

• These dilemmas are very diverse and also impact all the other players most of the time. They will put a strain on your friendships.

• Whenever a player gather enough points, he wins the round.

• In order to win the game, the player has to win 3 rounds.

Rules (French)


You can find some pictures of the game and its elements.

I will update this section when I will have the first pictures of the game played by the crowd founders (https://fr.ulule.com/aosunivers/)

Currently, the game is in production and will be sent as soon as possible to the players that have commanded it.

You can follow the evolution of the game on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook : (@AosUnivers)